The Alpha-Direct zone control is an individual wired system with a modern design. This zone control ensures a maximum comfort and an efficiënt usage of energy. The Alpha-Direct zone control is the best choice based on ease of installation and price-quality ratio.

Base unit

  • 24V including transformer
  • Available in 6 and 10 zones
  • Up to 21 clamps to connect up to 18 actuators (depends per version)
  • Pump and boiler relay
  • Clear LED indicators
  • Simple and intuitive installation
  • Suitable for both heating and cooling

Alpha-Direct Room control unit + LCD

  • Flat and compact design
  • Big and clear LCD
  • Available in 3 versions
  • Comfort programs for both heating and cooling
  • To be used as a stand-alone or system component
  • Settable between 5 – 30 °C
  • Two days power reserve
  • Adjustable set-back temperature
  • Selectable operating mode

Alpha-Direct room control unit analogue

  • Flat and compact design
  • Available in 2 versions
  • Comfort programs available for heating and cooling
  • To be used as stand-alone or system component
  • Valve protection and anti-freeze security
  • Easy to install and intuitive to use
  • Maintenance-free

Thermal actuator

  • Normally closed
  • Power consumption of just 1 Watt
  • First-Open function

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