New: Therminon zone valve 24V

The product range has been expanded with a new product. The zone valve equipped with ball valve and a motor is ideally suited for district heating installations. The valve is pre-wired if required and provided with a plug transformer. This makes it very easy to connect a 24V thermostat. In addition to district heating, this valve can also be used for homes that are divided into comfort zones. Due to the high pressure resistance and closing force, this solution is not only simple and comfortable but also extremely reliable.

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New: AKKORD tacker system

Now available exclusively at Therminon: The AKKORD tacker system. The AKKORD system is the latest and most innovative development in the area of tacker solutions. The AKKORD system combines a very solid and lightweight tacker machine with tacker-clips that are thermally welded or held together with a profi-strip. The clips stay together well under all circumstances and are applied to the tacker machine at lightning speed. The profi-system offers the possibility to fix a complete group of underfloor heating pipe without having to refill the magazine. The achieved time savings and cost savings is huge.

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Therminon BIM Ready

Techniques are developing at a rapid pace today. The digital revolution has made our world smaller and disciplines have grown close to each other. Installation engineering companies have started working together more intensively to optimize processes and increase efficiency.

One of the consequences of these developments is the rise of BIM, a cry that everyone has already heard of. And Therminon did not sit still in this area either. BIM not only provides a translation from 2D to 3D, it also offers us the possibility to make very valuable information available in a simple way. We have made optimum use of this in order to ‘unburden our customers’.

Together with Stabiplan (MEPcontent) we have entered into a partnership where 23 families and more than 350 models have been designed. Both plastic and steel dividers and all fully equipped with the most requested technical specifications.

This makes us not only the number 1 in underfloor heating, but also on the digital platform.

All models are freely available via, but can also be downloaded from our website via the catalog or downloads.

New: retrofit system with self-adhesive castellated panel

The ideal solution with a very low build-up height.

The self-adhesive castellated panel is an ideal solution for retrofit systems where only a limited installation height is available, such as bathroom renovations.

By using these castellated panels it is possible to pour a solid screed with a very low construction height, starting from approx. 25 mm. The liquid screed fills the cavities of the nubs and forms a layer on the pipe and adheres to the subfloor. The finishing floor can then be applied directly to this screed.

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