Our certificates and quality marks

Therminon stands for quality. This quality is reflected in our people, products and working methods. In the past years, Therminon obtained several certificates which substantiate this motto. For example Therminon works according to ISO 9001.

CE Marking

Since several years all our underfloor heating manifolds are worldwide CE Certified. You can find the relevant documents on the product pages.


After that our underfloor heating manifolds are CE approved all the manifolds have been tested on the REACH & RoHS regulations. This is also successfully done.


Our underfloor heating pipes are KIWA / KOMO certified. This assures you of a high-quality product that meets all the requirements. Next to this, our pipe is certified according to BRL 5607. This is an approval for plastic piping systems of PE-RT intended for heating installations such as radiator systems and underfloor heating systems. This means that the underfloor heating pipe is suitable for both high and low-temperature systems.